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Benefits Of Carrots

Among other types of vegetables including carrots, rasa-rasanya the most popular types of vegetables. The flavor is sweet and crispy teksturnya. Fits all made a healthy snack. If you are hooked on this rabbit favorite veggies, you belong to a group of losers. So, You many lost benefits provided the carrot for health. Like terns losers? Certainly do not. Immediately begin to like vegetables on this one. Well, to get the most of to watch out for is the jelly choose carrots. Select carrots that are rather young and bright. This indicates that the carrot was still young and fresh. Here is a series you need to know. Who are the recipe that taboos you need.

1. Overcoming hypertension
Take 500 gr carrots washing clean then cut into pieces, give a little bit of water are cooked, then blended. Strain and drink immediately. Try to regularly drink water carrot this 3 times in a day.

2. overcome the fever in children
Take 200 grams carrots then wash clean. Grate and squeeze until it comes out in her Sari. Boiled water perasannya, drink while warm.

3. Overcoming the burn
Carrot pounded until soft and smeared on Burns. Do as often as possible until the wound is not noticeably hot.

4. Curing cough
Grab a carrot then clean and scarring. Give a few spoonfuls of hot water and wring. Add a little sugar, stir up an average of aren. Drink 2 times in a day.

5. Overcoming painful menstruation
250 grams carrots washing clean and cut into pieces. Add a little water, then blend. Try to drink the potion is at least 2 times a day.

6. Resolve constipation
Take 2 young carrots and washing clean and scarring. Add 2 tablespoons of water a mature and a little salt, then wring. Drinking water twice a day.

7. Smoothing faces
Take 2-3 carrots that have been peeled, then wash and grate. Then directly apply on the face as a mask. Wait for it to dry, then rinse with water.

Please try Yes hopefully successful ok friend!!


Tips To Get Healthy Kidney

How do we know that many people have a healthy kidney, and ultimately means that the research on how to maintain kidney health. Probably because kidney is the most important organs. But no problem, why lifestyle of the family give you advice for my health kidney. Would you? Directly under the theme as well to refer the kidney.

1. Drink lots of water – The body consists of 60-70% water. Without water, the cells did not survive and will not work on biochemical and physiological processes in the body properly. Health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses a day. Pay attention to the consumption of mineral water that enters the body, namely, two drinks if you wake up, drink a glass before and after meals and two glasses before bed. Two glasses of water can then more time to be taken to make them happy. Drink water before each meal also reduces the “hunger”. Ice water is not recommended because the cold inhibits the metabolism of food. Lipids are hardened and difficult to stomach. The kidneys of the water to react accordingly. A healthy kidney absorb what the body needs, and eliminates the excess. This action increases the excretion of metabolic waste and maintaining the integrity of the kidney.

2. Avoid salty foods – sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt. Sodium and chloride are electrolytes and is responsible for the maintenance of electrolyte balance and acid content of the water and the alkalinity of the blood. If taken further, they can cause an imbalance and lead to the accumulation in the kidneys that eventually lead to kidney failure. A healthy kidney required a lot of dirt to clean water and metabolic diseases.

3. Avoid alcohol – alcohol is a diuretic substance, frequent urination or urge to urinate is, but also lead to the prevention of excretion of other substances such as uric acid. This will lead to kidney stones or gout arthritis. Uric acid is a cause of kidney stones or nefrolisiasis. A healthy kidney and true would eliminate uric acid and other impurities in the body.

4. Do not force push to urinate – If you feel the urge to urinate, are not so limited. The kidneys can not hold as much water as possible. Although the kidney cells are elastic, imagine if the elasticity of the full capacity to continue. Finally, it is thirsty.

5. Healthy Life – the body as a well-oiled machine. If a part is not working properly, then all will be affected. Now, eat, sleep and live well. Fat from the meat may be of several diseases. Smoking can cause lung cancer.

Okay, there are only 5 tips for healthy kidneys receive, you should try if you want to be healthy. Research capacity at all like my kidney health

Bad Foods For Kids

Healthy family</strong> – this time to tell you about 5 bad foods for our kids where they should not give your child. We know it should be, to respect for their parents to correct, what will be consumed by children. Not only for reasons of busy parents who do not even offer healthy foods. To avoid this, five bad foods for our children, that you should not be used for your child. Here are 5 bad foods for our children.

1. Chicken Nuggets
Eating is one of the favorite foods of children. Unfortunately, these foods high in salt, artificial flavorings and preservatives. And Chicken Nuggets by frying in oil, rich in trans fats (a type of fat that is not good for health because it can undermine the good cholesterol), worsen, eat it with ketchup or chili sauce is cooked bottle certainly the situation .

Without doubt, these foods are delicious, but very few nutrients, which can be absorbed by the body. Instead, replace the chicken nuggets on grilled chicken breast in a fun and creative effort may be needed to do, but it is useful to motivate your child to eat.

2. sugary cereals
sugary cereal with a variety of flavors such as chocolate and marshmallows, a child favorite for breakfast. Some cereals contain preservatives, hydrogenated oils and artificial color. The solution used to the small mengonsusmi whole grains. More fun, nuts, fruit slices or raisins.

3. French fries
It is a very popular food in children. These foods contain trans fats, calories, high sodium. Replace unhealthy snacks with slices of carrots or potatoes cooked to give in good health.

4. Potato Chips
Even with French fries, potato chips contain trans fats and high sodium. Some of the chips will be sold on the market are also trigger the issue of acrylamide, a carcinogenic compound that cancer. Replace snacks with vegetables or a piece of corn chips.

5. Donut
The food is preferred not only of children, she grew to love it too. Unfortunately, these foods have little nutritional value. Donuts usually contain refined sugar, flour, spices (vanilla) and some of the oil was hydrogenated. All those in trans-fatty acids, which can up heart disease were to cause diabetes, stroke and cancer described rotated

Okay, there are 5 bad foods for our children and you should not be used for your child, if healthy children do.

The benefits of Traditional herbal medicine

Born and raised in a family of circles which are more environmentally sound traditional treatment, certainly the aroma of herbs-a are familiar for my sense of smell. Since childhood I have been dijejali or term in Javanese “dicekok” with various herbs-meal, ranging from herbal rice kencur to appetite and avoid incoming wind Read More…

The Benefits Of The Papaya Seeds To Blacken The Hair

often times we are experiencing a problem hair especially for women very troubling if our hair looks ugly (cracked) as if-will we not PD (self) when traveling. for it is no easy way to solve your hair dull and not damaged/hard to reach. You can try with this recipe:


A handful of seeds papaya Read More…

the white pumpkin Thypus drugs

You must be familiar with the name pumpkin, this one? This is usually depicted in a vegetable gourd sayur lodeh, in addition to good disayur can also heal illnesses thypus. This name was white pumpkin pumpkins (waluh long white) are often sold dibanyak traditional market.

The disease known as disease thypus rich people, why? Because Read More…